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MZIN -Leipzig, Germany

Posted on February 24 2017

We meet with Designer and Magazine aficionado Philip Neumann in the delightful MZIN store based in Leipzig, Germany.  Dedicated to bringing the very best in design, culture, art and style publications. 


  1. Describe your shop, what makes it unique and where is it based?

The project MZIN developed in the last years of my diploma at the Academy of Visual Arts here in Leipzig. Karen Laube is also a managing partner of the store.  It's a shop (for magazines, design and art publications) and the same time a project space for little exhibitions, book launches, screenings, readings etc. Our selection of publications and events is pretty unique for our area, trying to keep the balance between design, art and pop culture. It's based close to the inner city of Leipzig.



2.   Who do you think your loyal customers are? And what would you like to say to potential new customers?

We find It’s art students, designers, and tourists with an interest in magazine and book culture.  The local art school attracts people from everywhere (as you can study “painting", “photography", "media arts" and "graphic design"). Leipzig (or, hypezig) is getting more popular these days - so this is what we feel every day when talking to the customers,  at the same time the online shop is getting more important.

  1. How did you get into the publishing game?

We both studied "Graphic Design and Book Art“ here in Leipzig, so our obsession with printed matter probably started in early 2000. We both also work as freelance designers. Same time there is a strong tradition when it comes to printing, bookmaking, type design etc. Here in Leipzig and a vivid art scene.

  1. What’s been your favorite new magazine launch in the last year?

Not sure about the last year, but we really enjoyed the idea (and style) of magazines like FLANEUR to (feature just one street)  or the every changing TUNICA.
Flaneur          TUNICA


  1. Who is the most interesting publisher and why, (you may have met)?

Meeting people with a strong attitude and seeing publishing as the way of communicating the good stuff is what leaves the strongest impression. For Germany I'd say people like LODOWN (the periodical stopped last year), now they continue with issues to certain topics like “youth", "drop out" or “Berlin“.  Locally SPECTOR BOOKS is doing amazingly good work when it comes to book design.
 Lowdown    Spector


  1. What’s been your favorite front cover in the last year?

The cover starring Catharine Deneuve from spring/summer issue of PURPLE was quite amazing!

Purple Magazine

  1. What’s your favorite established magazine?

It’s probably the titles that mix design, art and pop culture (and having a strong editorial design as well). So magazines like PIN-UP or 032C. 

Pin Up  032c


  1. How do you think publishers should support the stores that stock them?

 We have much (smaller) publishers that share the fact that their titles are available at our store - it's good to get some viral attraction. Since some years the magazines started to sell their issues through their website - which is fine - but they should support the stationary retailers by telling the people where to get it (and touch it) in their area. Some do, some don't.

  1. Recount your favorite publishing based anecdote?

We have been doing this for nearly almost 9 years - We have too many stories to tell. Crazy things happen probably most while being on a publishing fair (like in Basel, Amsterdam or Berlin) - that's always a come together of nerds!

  1. Where do you see luxury magazine publishing going in the next 5 years

 Publishing (using paper, working with designers, photographers etc.) will be - or maybe is already - luxury! People will be spending money on good printed matter like they do on wine etc. For the fashion or lifestyle industry, it's getting even more important to do something worthy and attractive.



Thank you so much for your time and insights.

If you are ever in Leipzig be sure to pop in and say hello to the guys at MZIN or check out their latest offerings on their site  MZIN 



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