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Posted on February 11 2017


Papercut  in Stockholm is undoubtedly one of the finest magazine retailers around.  Established in 2008, the store has become internationally renown.  We catch up with the owner and magazine aficionado  Alexander Dahlberg 

  1. Describe your shop, what makes it unique and where is it based?

We´re an independent retailer selling a handpicked and unique selection of magazines and books. Our store is based in the heart of Södermalm, the south part of Stockholm, and our webshop is .

Our ambition is to be the ultimate store for people who consider fashion, art, design, music and film to be an important part of their life. 

Papercut Sweden 

  1. Who do you think your loyal customers are. And what would you like to say to potential new customers?

We have many regulars. People who are just as devoted to our niche as we are, on the look for inspiration, gifts etc.

To new customers, if you only step over the threshold to our store, strolling around for a few minutes you will realise how much great stuff you will be surrounded by and could have missed! You will see the width of the range we offer. Even though it´s carefully selected there´s always something for everyone. I promise you will be back!

  1. How did you get into the publishing game?

I´ve been working in the print business pretty much my whole working career, so it felt natural to start Papercut.

  1. What’s been your favourite new magazine launch in the last year?

RECORD CULTURE was a nice acquaintance and brought something new to the music section. I´m not a dog person, but the new publication DOG is wonderful. And if I´m not a dog person, I´m even less into knitting, but Finnish magazine LAINE appeared right before Christmas and is a good treat if you're into knitting or just a print lover. 

Record Culture   Dog Mag  LAINE

  1. Who is the most interesting publisher and why, (you may have met)?

I choose MONOCLE, not for just being a publisher but for the development of their brand. Always on the move. They are such a phenomenal guide in so many areas all around the world. They keep you curious to see new places, or visit new places in cities you´ve already been to. On top of that, they are always meeting up with interesting people, and give instructive facts and news about what is going on right now.


  1. What’s been your favourite front cover in the last year ?

I loved the limited KAWS cover for Hypebeast but will stay patriotic and say LODESTARS ANTHOLOGYs beautiful Sweden cover! Or even closer, the DRIFT cover of my hometown Stockholm.

    Drift Magazine

I Have to add the three covers of ANOTHER MANs HARRY STYLES, because of the chaos it caused here.

Harry Styles, Another Man  Harry Styles, Another Man  Harry Styles, Another Man

  1. Whats your favourite established magazine ?

032c. Brilliant every time . Holiday and The Happy Reader!

032C   Holiday Magazine  The Happy Reader

  1. How do you think publishers should support the stores that stock them?

We have a great relationship with most publishers. It´s a mutual interest. I think it´s more important than ever to work close.

  1. Recount your favourite publishing based anecdote?

Can´t think of any now. But I just received a copy of latest issue of lovely Kinfolk, released in November in an envelope with a nice letter where they want us to be the first to have a peek. I guess that envelope has been travelling a few laps around the world before reaching us. 


  1. Where do you see luxury magazine publishing going in the next 5 years ?

A question we often get and always is impossible to answer. New generations have new habits but for me the expression of fashion and art in print is something you can´t replace. Maybe more valuable than before, so from luxury to even more luxurious.

Thank you so much for your time and insights.

If you are ever in Stockholm be sure to pop in and say hello to the guys at Papercut or check out their latest offerings on their site PAPERCUT



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