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WRPD Magazine


WRPD Magazine - issue 7

WRPD Magazine promotes dialogue between PHOTOGRAPHY + FASHION and ART.

Cover 1 - Gosha

“The blade is so sharp that it will cut the clothes in which you are wrapped in"        


Cover 2 - Matthieu

“Cut me into a frame, don’t make myself a memory”                                 

MARIE-LOU GOMIS at THE CLAW photographed by MATTHIEU DELBREUVE at SEVEN SIX. Styled by MIREY ENVEROVA in SACHIKO YAMASHITA, MARNI and MISSONI.                                                                       

“Share: a part or portion belonging to, distributed to, contributed by, or owed by a person or group. It’s even easier to explain, Share is an act of unconditional love, it’s not a waste of time, you should take courage and start from now. Stop thinking, just go ahead, you will have the privilege of being able to share yourself with others, the right people in your life will answer you in the same language and you will be crushed into an explosion of unlimitless confidence. You will choose not to follow the easiest route, but you will find the right way to go, supported by the thousand invisible hands of your friends, always next to you, ready to share their emotion, life, and just smile to you.”

Special thanks to our contributors:

Antonio Romano, Arthur Jung, Bernardo Vercelli, Cosimo Fanciullacci, Cristiano Pedrocco, Daniela Magginetti, Daniele Lista, Eleonora D’Angelo, Emanuele Alteri, Fabio Di Salvo, Federica di Dato, Francesca Donnarumma, Francesco Alagna, Gianni Iorio, Giovanni Vetere, Gosha Pavlenko, Jeff Wallace, Manuel Sunda, Martina Bolis, Matthieu Delbreuve, Michele Bisceglia, Mirey Enverova, Nastya Shershen, Nero Studio, Niccolò Giordano, Nicolas Bianciotto, Paolo Zerbini, Sabine Reiter, Samuel Ruffin Hendrix, Sara Busan, Serena Pompei, Simon Winkelmuller, Stefania Belmonte, Yannick Schuette, Yves Tronnier, Zoe Natale Mannella.

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