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The September Issues


The September Issues A/W18 - Seduction

The September Issues—a biannual print magazine helmed by veteran photographer and artist Mary Rozzi—teams up with the likes of Marilyn Minter, Maisie Cousins, Juno Calypso, Carlijn Jacobs, Nabihah iqbal, Kristen Liu-Wong, Devyn Galindo and Michelle Du Xuan for their third issue, entitled, “Seduction.”  

The magazine, stunningly printed and filled with evocative images and distinct creative voices, is equal parts fashion and feminism. It has a dual mission: to make fashion a feminist issue, and to create a platform for artists who are underrepresented in mainstream media to have a place to explore, and create work that reflects the evolution of art and culture.

“The work of the diverse, talented artists featured in this issue reflects evolving societal values and what it means to examine tenderness and intimacy within ourselves.” explains Rozzi,  Editor in Chief. “We want to rescue seduction from misogynistic tropes and dismantle old-fashioned definitions. The work in this issue makes a powerful case for seduction as an uninhibited, creative exploration of attraction and sensuality, and how that leads to self-discovery, self-love, and self-understanding.”

Issues 0 and 1, “The Power of the Femme” and “That Was Then, This is Now”, have been met with an outpouring of praise for creating a platform that allows artists to create without inhibition, and to examine representation and responsibility within our global community. The magazine also aligns itself each issue with a group, charity, or cause, who they support by educating and creating awareness. Previously they have teamed up with Planned Parenthood and Me Too. For Issue 2, they explore global mental health and the evolution of nonprofits with Crisis Text Line.

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