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Solar is the first independently published lifestyle publication for men and women in Spanish and English with global distribution. Launched in the spring of 2016, it captures the vibrant Hispanic culture by bringing together contemporary art, fashion, architecture, design, music, film and much more under an international lens. 

Published in February and September, our 300+ page book is a forward-looking source for artfully curated content, designed to inspire a sense of urgency in its readers with stunning imagery and high-brow journalism. 

#Solar05 - Sex

The fifth issue of Solar (Spring/Summer 2018) is dedicated to SEX, deconstructing and analyzing it in all its forms: seduction, power, empowerment, creation, freedom, guilt, voyeurism, intimacy, love, and a wide, inclusive etcetera. This subject permeates and leads the voice of the magazine throughout its 352 pages, including exclusive interviews, topical features, leading fashion and powerful, opinion-lead journalism.

It features three covers —two of them are limited edition, individually numbered — each one addressing the concept of SEX from a different perspective:

Calu Rivero. The Argentinian actress opens up on the sexual harassment she suffered whilst starring in a successful prime-time soap opera aired in 2012. Since revealing her story, she has become the frontrunner of the #TimeIsUp movement in Latin America.  Photographed by Christian Ferretti and interviewed by her sister, renowned sociologist Marou Rivero, Rivero reveals: “After that: emptiness, darkness, insecurity, flights, escape. It took me five years before I could talk about it”.

Amanda Lear, limited edition cover of 500. One of the most mythical figures in European show-business, famous protegee of Salvador Dalí, she represents the other side of the coin, defending the eternal seduction game, stating: “Personally, I like it when a man tells me he finds me sexy or that he likes my bum. Boys are frightened of girls. They are going to be more and more terrified of talking to them… Sex is sex and we all want to have fun”. Lear was photographed in Paris by Daniel Riera and interviewed by Solar’s Editor in Chief Igor Ramírez García-Peralta.

Leo Rydell Jost and Perry White, limited edition of 200. A love declaration by Spain’s prodigious publisher and creative director Luis Venegas, who curated a selection of intimate portraits of his boyfriend Rydell Jost and their dog Perry. Rydell Jost talks about his homoerotic rugs and tapestries, about pornography and his future projects: “I’m fascinated by the ease with which we have taken on board, through pornography, issues such as fetishism, but I’m sure that for us all, there is something beyond what you see in conventional pornography”.

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