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YUCA is an independent publication integrating art, photography, culture, and literature.

In each issue we're inspired by an alibi that entices us to reflect upon cultural constructs and personal identities through visual and written content. In our first issue, called Gastronomic Alibi & Roots, we share stories, articles, photographs, and art pieces with which a variety of collaborators interpret the meaning of the word roots within a gastronomic context.

Our aim was to approach the subject from many possible perspectives and in order to achieve this we invited contributors from different countries and various cultural and professional backgrounds to participate.

For our second issue we applied the same dynamic in order to interpret the meaning of migrations within a context of architecture and built spaces.

Issue 2

Observatories to look into outer space, but also spaceships to explore it, and space stations on the surface of other planets.  Craters made by meteor impacts.  Mankind migrating to Mars.  Humans migrating on earth, crossing natural and manmade borders.  Building towns in the craters.  Building shelters on the borders.  Shielding ourselves from the elements.  Seeking protection in nature.  Moving from a state of war towards peace.  Containing our souls in our bodies.  Inhabiting books.  Visiting literary worlds.  Visiting miniature worlds.  Being a tourist in films.  Encountering walls and letting them be our witnesses.

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