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Cactus - Issue 005

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We are pleased to introduce you to Cactus’ #05 brand new issue.

Fascinated by the notion of evolution, we have engaged in a critical and visual research with an interest extended to a human, technological and biological sphere tout court; with the gaze primarily oriented towards the future, without neglecting the origins. A journey through time, from the study of natural elements to optimised bodies, from memories to mnemonic prosthesis, from patches to surgery. Cactus’ Creative Director Luca Smorgon along with Scandebergs duo plunges us into a hi-tech clinic with a nostalgic note of Japanese tradition in a 30 pages-long fashion editorial. Pacui Hardware reflect on the intrusive robotic and technological choreography which substitutes mechanical human work, relegating man to the role of observer, without a visible active presence. Studio Yukiko creates a series on bacteria, Mother Earth and dystopian scenarios. Max Hooper Schneider configures a Trans-Habitat made up of natural elements and disintegrated materials; where violence becomes generative and bodies are continuously created, transformed, and destroyed as well as in Antoine Renard’s works, where the environment is made of fluid matters, fossils in deteriorating state and alienating and desolate landscapes. Jean-Vincent Simonet enables us to experience with harmonious plants and constellations of flowers. The study of everyday human costumes is the background to Timothy Schaumburg’s anthropological visual essay; Blunt x Skensved design carefully constructed artificial creations void of physicality, recreating organic, gooey, rocky, visceral, and tactile place assumed to exist in real space which are instead created digitally in a clean aseptic office environment. Joey Holder analyses the evolution of the Spermalege, a special-purpose organ designed to mitigate the effects of traumatic insemination in bed bugs insects. Emir Šehanović Esh works on second skin and flesh creating digital impressive assemblages. Bio Art pioneer Suzanne Anker uses Petri dishes to create 3D-printed miniature landscapes which are rapid prototype extrusions simulating satellite data. Tyler Coburn leads us towards the era of "The Great Thaw", tracing the melting of an ice sculpture of the Pantagruel’s ship. Moos-Tang conceives a vivid editorial juxtaposing fishing and its equipment with a captivating point of view. Rosa Verloop’s tan nylon sculptures resemble skin, which the artist folds and bends into a twisted cacophony of wrinkles that give each form a unique, organic structure. Dario Salamone faces up to delicate girls, in indoor atmospheres, regarding self-care; Andy Massaccesi plays with young boys in pronounced poses, highlighting details, standing out proudly. Marian Tubbs unveils poetic and political power inside an emotional reservoir of discarded images, poor materials, and ‘small’ talk. Ulrike Rindermann simulates an audition, performing a self-confident red hair woman under the attentive gaze of judges. Four super thematic columns explore absorbing subjects: Martina Alemani deals with Evgeny Antufiev and his devoted work on myth and atavism; Giovanni & Gregorio Nordio compare their aesthetics and semantics with the versatile Cecile di Giovanni; Daniele Bellonio meditates on media through the work and considerations of Edouard Taufenbach, and finally I approach the post-human context from a literary premise, to be followed by a focus on visual artist Stine Deja.

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