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Drift, Volume 5: Melbourne

A stunning, stylish new lifestyle magazine that focuses a lens on coffee culture in cities around the world.

After water, coffee is the most widely consumed beverage in the world. It sits in the background of some of the life’s most important moments: hanging out with friends, that tentative first date, an exhilarating business meeting. It accompanies us wherever we travel, comforts us as we sit in a foreign city with a book and fresh senses of the world. More than anything else, coffee is tied to a sense of place and a sense of community.

Drift, a stunning new magazine, is all about coffee, about capturing those moments. It’s about the people who drink it and the cities they inhabit, from consumers to coffeehouse owners to street vendors to baristas. It’s about the ways coffee helps us chart the geography of our environment.

Each issue, Drift brings you a glimpse of what it’s like to drink coffee in a different city. It highlights locals and visitors both and explores what makes them tick.

Drift, Volume 5 focuses on Melbourne and is a must-have for coffee and travel lovers alike. The Australian cultural capital has become an unlikely frontrunner for the most influential coffee city on earth. Home of the flat white, avocado toast and chia seed pudding, the development of the city mirrors the development of its booming coffee scene that has been exported to major cities around the world. In this issue, we explore how Melbourne got put on the map and whether its star is falling as its secrets are co-opted by coffee-savvy experts abroad. Featuring graffiti artists, coffee competition superstars, refugees, and ex-pats, Volume 5 holds a magnifying glass to Melbourne, Australia.

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