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PETRIe provides our community with an unexpected viewpoint through thought-provoking journalism paralleled with powerful imagery, curated with substance and longevity in focus.

The fifth anniversary issue, PETRIe 69: Extinction, follows PETRIe 65 — 68 in a vision of integrity and honesty, pushing the boundaries of journalistic and photographic genres. PETRIe 69 encompasses the work of established and emerging artists and writers alike; it emphasises vibrant, forward-thinking enthusiasm, and their indisputable drive to contribute to a necessary conversation around a difficult topic, maintaining hope and beauty as core creative values.

This issue treats the idea of extinction with a variety of interpretations, looking both at individual experiences of loss, alteration, or displacement, and at collective, large-scale events and phenomena. The main goal of this issue is to locate sources and channels of extinction and face them with cultural and sociopolitical responses and reactions, using significant contributions by visual artists such as Clara Nebeling, Berlinde de Bruyckere, Megan St Clair, Carlos Martiel, Cleon Peterson, Douglas White, Annie Collinge, and Zach Blas.

In tone and aesthetic position, PETRIe 69 explores the conditions of survival humanity faces today from several viewpoints. The issue is designed as an act of reflection and commitment to action: on the role of creative producers in an industry threatened with extinction; our universal responsibility

for what surrounds us; our capacity to imagine and create a more sustainable and valuable world. Partly a reaction to the increasingly popular notion that “print is dead,” PETRIe 69 is an effort to highlight the importance of keeping independent publications alive.

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