Welcome to the third edition of Red Thread Journal. For this issue there has been a special emphasis on location, sets and a cinematic feel. I believe the canvases on which the subjects are portrayed are often as important as the subjects themselves. It’s a real pleasure to have collated stories featuring locations from around the world, broadening the diversity of landscapes in which the photographs are set.

A special mention must go to Gregory Crewdson for contributing a series of his latest images. For an edition that aims to focus on the cinematic, it’s a real honour to feature his work helping to cement Red Thread’s love of location and narrative.


Red Thread is an image only visual journal.

Through focusing exclusively on images alone we have a unique visual language allowing for broader viewer interpretation that transcends cultures and nationalities, making Red Thread a Global publication.

With the absence of words we are able to create a visual flow that entices the viewer to enjoy the beautiful imagery within. An experience free from written presumption and busy content.

The concise curation will - by definition of Red Thread - be intrinsically linked by themes chosen for each issue.


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