Red Thread is an image only visual journal.

Through focusing exclusively on images alone we have a unique visual language allowing for broader viewer interpretation that transcends cultures and nationalities, making Red Thread a Global publication.

With the absence of words we are able to create a visual flow that entices the viewer to enjoy the beautiful imagery within. An experience free from written presumption and busy content.

The concise curation will - by definition of Red Thread - be intrinsically linked by themes chosen for each issue.


A note from the editor

For a magazine still in its relatively nascent state, I feel in awe of the incredible momentum all the contributors have gathered towards the completion of this Spring / Summer issue. The original Red Thread Journal ethos has remained, forming strong bonds between the artists and collaborators and helping develop what I feel is a truly exciting visual platform for fashion, photography, art and design.

On a personal level, I’m proud to feature my beautiful niece Ella - 8 at the time - and the stunning Daphne, 87, who helped to diversify this issue.

We hope you enjoy it as much we enjoyed making it.

Beth Buxton

Editor in Chief

UK Cover Price £12.00

Frequency: 2pa


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