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The Holborn, is a group of young writers who share a common appreciation for quality. Over the course of running the magazine, they are on a continual search for the best in design, apparel and craft.
They search high and low for those hard working bartenders, tailors, food-stall holders, entrepreneurs and eccentrics who go the extra mile for their keep. They believe firmly in quality not luxury. That the enjoyment of well, made quality goods enhances life and should be celebrated, believing that such a life should not have to cost the earth and can be enjoyed by all. So it is that, The Holborn invites you to come in, put your feet up and relax with them.
The Holborn has the ability to bring to life the stories of those who dare to be different and gives a voice to those that take the time to make things in the right way. 

Welcome to our Issue 5, now in smaller but infinitely thicker bi-annual form. This issue is our Scotland Issue - from the Highlands to the Lowlands we have travelled the length and  breadth of this small but influential country. We have also, a stones throw from our Holborn home, tracked down those Scots who have travelled south and set up home in London. For instance we meet Carol Deeney, who has been bringing a modern take on traditional Scottish food to the markets of the capital. 

From chefs to fashion designers, ski-makers to rock musicians we have explored the best of the Scottish creative spirit. We also headed to Edinburgh for our customary pub stroll where I almost lost a bet with a confident Scot that they would succeed in that evenings Rugby World Cup quarter final against the Aussies. And of course we couldn’t not have some whisky - courtesy of the wonderful people at Balblair Distillery in Edderton. 

So I leave you with a thought from famed writer Sir Walter Scott:

“Where is the coward that would not dare to fight for such a land as Scotland?”

Chin Chin, 

Morgan Hamilton Griffin,



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