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UBIKWIST celebrates Diversity. This biannual, international, independent publication evokes global perspective and features emerging as well as established talent across all genres of popular culture: Fashion, Beauty, Music, Art, Film, Design, Illustration and Reportage

UBIKWIST seeks to be an authentic source of influence and opinions, fortified by alternative writing with a consistently progressive vision.

It intends to foster creativity through inspiration rather than dictation, with a keen eye on cultural sustainability.

This visually luxurious, eclectic, multi-cultural publication will satiate the appetite of anyone seeking enrichment. By combining new innovative talent with unique ideas, UBIKWIST will push boundaries and exceed expectations of what a magazine can offer with thorough and consistent audacity.

Ubikwist Issue 5, out October 2017

Welcome to Ubikwist’s 5th issue of activism, arts and culture.

This is our Resilience theme.

While the 2016 presidential election is long gone, we are still feeling the aftermath. It’s like an endless Monday morning after a Sunday football game. Our government is disconnected with our values and major cities in our country are suffering catastrophic natural disasters. As a publication, it is essential we stay true to our mission with topics that are current and reflective of our society.

We pride ourselves as a cultural barometer for our readers with thought-provoking themes that shape our perspectives. This edition features testimonies from a wide variety of artists who share their stories on how they have persevered through adversities; The photographer Bettina Rheims, the artists Frank Bowling, and Renee Cox among many others. These testimonies are accompanied with enticing aesthetics and visceral stories that evoke feelings of resilience. Each page is daring, riveting, and moderncreating an inviting world that has something for every reader.

Women, particularly women of color, are often at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to activism, and we are proud to provide a platform where we unapologetically celebrate our different art forms and share our stories. For most women, biting of the teeth is a genetically attuned trait; a potent mix of tenacity and cold realism. A woman’s resilience is something worth celebrating, as she navigates through the daily struggles of identity, beauty, glaring misogyny, sexuality, sexual humiliation and racism. With jaw-dropping images shot around the world in New York, Paris, London, and Tokyo, this edition delivers on promise that art can be a powerful inspiration to a movement.

The challenge wasn’t to outdo our last issue, but how best we can speak through our art to reflect our current cultural and political landscape. The Resilience issue transcends stories and images, it’s a conversation curator that connects with readers on an emotional and spiritual level. This is our best issue yet, and as you flip through the pages, we are hopeful that you will continue to remain resilient.

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